Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Females in the older times were dominated, harassed and they were always placed a level lower than the men.

The situation today has taken a positive turn, the females are placed equal to the men throughout the world. They have got all the rights a men has got.

But the truth is that they have actually got more benefits than men the protection programs, incentives and what not. Everything done these days is in the favour of women. From education to a verdict in the court, everything favour women more than men.

All this favourism led the women to misuse the rights they got. We get to hear incidents of girls being stalked by random guys and then the girl files an FIR or call the women’s helpline. But if we ever get to know the real story, it is totally astonishing to know that the girl lied about being  stalked and harassed just to take revenge from the guy for some reason almost ruining the life of that boy.

Moreover, the police department does not go further into deep investigation because they also believe the story which the girl told thinking that the girl is innocent.

At times the girls can speak the truth but most of the time it is just a lie which can not be questioned due to the women being claimed as weak and fragile. This is one of many instances of the rights being taken for granted.

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