IMG_20170706_011004Each night she cried thinking over the mistakes she made which made her what she was not. But even after being broken into pieces at night, the beautiful princess woke up with an unbreakable determination to face the world.

The sun rose from the east and the gentle wind blew, it all made an illusion. An illusion of everything being right. But somewhere in a little corner of this big world, there sat a girl waiting for the love of her life to arrive but no one came, all because of her image and her past, again she was shattered without anyone to support her.

She knew that the old times were all full of sacrifices and compromises and there was no one who could fulfill her thirst for true love. But somewhere in her mind she knew that best was yet to come.

As the days passed by, she stopped thinking of her past and eventually she was bothered about nothing the world said. After being totally disheartened, her search for true love stopped.. The people thought her story would end here, but little  did they know that this was the beginning of a new chapter, with new people, new thinking and unfortunately a new girl who had lost her happiness and hope in the other part.

She faced the new challenges and overcame all her weaknesses and crossed each and every obstacle with all her might and with the help of her strong will which was her main source of power.

After the storm, a sunny day came and she finally crossed paths with the one destiny chose for her. The feeling of falling in love at first sight made her fanatical for him.

Though she knew that this was not her happy ending but she was again ready to face the world because this time she was not alone.IMG_20170706_010948

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