What is love?

Is it a feeling? Or is it a gesture? Everybody has a different meaning for this four-lettered word. For some it may be having a guy who promises to stay beside you forever his life, for some it may be the fatherly or motherly love. There is no exact definition for love.

But true love is for the one who stays by your side in each and every condition no matter what happens or what comes in the way, the person sticks to you all life long and we can get this kind of love only from the one who has protected us in her womb for 9 months, still protects us and will actually protect us forever.

The motherly love is that gesture which can never be substituted. But under certain circumstances,  a mother is, at times unable to love her child. And that is when all the chaos gets started.

The gap between a mother and her child starts to widen. After being loved by her to an incomparable extent, that sudden feeling of loneliness takes over the child and burdens him with unhappiness. The child starts spending time with himself and finds new people to love from the outside world. This is the time when he loses his faith in his parents and tries to find support externally.

But unfortunately, no one stays with you, until and unless they have some hidden motive. The separation from his mother did not hurt him much but the separation from the person, who just left because the motives were fulfilled, hurts the most.

After being so brutally hurt, the child again goes out in search of love and finds it right in his mother’s lap. His mother’s love was like a cold shower on a hot deserted land.


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