IMG_20170703_232821.jpgThe birth of a child is the most beautiful thing in the world. People rejoice over the birth of the little one, festivities are arranged in the house, the parents are flooded with happiness and everyone blesses the child for a healthy life. But all the feelings change when the people find out that the newborn baby is a GIRL!

Living in a modern society, full of rights for the female, the baby girl is certainly not killed in womb or immediately after she is born. The mother is happy for the newcomer but deep inside her she remembers what all she went through being a girl. She seems happy but at the same time she is worried because she knew what the family would call her. The name by which the world recognises her is ‘A LIABILITY’.

The little girl always looks up to her mother for help, who being a women herself is actually helpless. People thought that the society has changed. Lesser rate of female infanticide or giving women a right to vote can  not bring a revolution in the world. The revolutionary action would be to change the mindset of the people, changing this male-dominated world into a place where the women are actually able to live freely without the fear of the males around her.

A few years back, women started fighting for their rights and for equality. But hardly did they knew that the equality they will be getting after their attempt would just be for the articles on a sheet of paper and hardly did they ever knew that the things would not change, not even if they died fighting for the change. Despite of all the combat, women will always be suppressed in this male-dominated world unless the mindset of the people changes.

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