An excerpt from a girl’s life

IMG_20170706_011004Each night she cried thinking over the mistakes she made which made her what she was not. But even after being broken into pieces at night, the beautiful princess woke up with an unbreakable determination to face the world.

The sun rose from the east and the gentle wind blew, it all made an illusion. An illusion of everything being right. But somewhere in a little corner of this big world, there sat a girl waiting for the love of her life to arrive but no one came, all because of her image and her past, again she was shattered without anyone to support her.

She knew that the old times were all full of sacrifices and compromises and there was no one who could fulfill her thirst for true love. But somewhere in her mind she knew that best was yet to come.

As the days passed by, she stopped thinking of her past and eventually she was bothered about nothing the world said. After being totally disheartened, her search for true love stopped.. The people thought her story would end here, but little  did they know that this was the beginning of a new chapter, with new people, new thinking and unfortunately a new girl who had lost her happiness and hope in the other part.

She faced the new challenges and overcame all her weaknesses and crossed each and every obstacle with all her might and with the help of her strong will which was her main source of power.

After the storm, a sunny day came and she finally crossed paths with the one destiny chose for her. The feeling of falling in love at first sight made her fanatical for him.

Though she knew that this was not her happy ending but she was again ready to face the world because this time she was not alone.IMG_20170706_010948

The immortal love

What is love?

Is it a feeling? Or is it a gesture? Everybody has a different meaning for this four-lettered word. For some it may be having a guy who promises to stay beside you forever his life, for some it may be the fatherly or motherly love. There is no exact definition for love.

But true love is for the one who stays by your side in each and every condition no matter what happens or what comes in the way, the person sticks to you all life long and we can get this kind of love only from the one who has protected us in her womb for 9 months, still protects us and will actually protect us forever.

The motherly love is that gesture which can never be substituted. But under certain circumstances,  a mother is, at times unable to love her child. And that is when all the chaos gets started.

The gap between a mother and her child starts to widen. After being loved by her to an incomparable extent, that sudden feeling of loneliness takes over the child and burdens him with unhappiness. The child starts spending time with himself and finds new people to love from the outside world. This is the time when he loses his faith in his parents and tries to find support externally.

But unfortunately, no one stays with you, until and unless they have some hidden motive. The separation from his mother did not hurt him much but the separation from the person, who just left because the motives were fulfilled, hurts the most.

After being so brutally hurt, the child again goes out in search of love and finds it right in his mother’s lap. His mother’s love was like a cold shower on a hot deserted land.


Feminism taken for granted

Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Females in the older times were dominated, harassed and they were always placed a level lower than the men.

The situation today has taken a positive turn, the females are placed equal to the men throughout the world. They have got all the rights a men has got.

But the truth is that they have actually got more benefits than men the protection programs, incentives and what not. Everything done these days is in the favour of women. From education to a verdict in the court, everything favour women more than men.

All this favourism led the women to misuse the rights they got. We get to hear incidents of girls being stalked by random guys and then the girl files an FIR or call the women’s helpline. But if we ever get to know the real story, it is totally astonishing to know that the girl lied about being  stalked and harassed just to take revenge from the guy for some reason almost ruining the life of that boy.

Moreover, the police department does not go further into deep investigation because they also believe the story which the girl told thinking that the girl is innocent.

At times the girls can speak the truth but most of the time it is just a lie which can not be questioned due to the women being claimed as weak and fragile. This is one of many instances of the rights being taken for granted.

The fictitious world of equality

IMG_20170703_232821.jpgThe birth of a child is the most beautiful thing in the world. People rejoice over the birth of the little one, festivities are arranged in the house, the parents are flooded with happiness and everyone blesses the child for a healthy life. But all the feelings change when the people find out that the newborn baby is a GIRL!

Living in a modern society, full of rights for the female, the baby girl is certainly not killed in womb or immediately after she is born. The mother is happy for the newcomer but deep inside her she remembers what all she went through being a girl. She seems happy but at the same time she is worried because she knew what the family would call her. The name by which the world recognises her is ‘A LIABILITY’.

The little girl always looks up to her mother for help, who being a women herself is actually helpless. People thought that the society has changed. Lesser rate of female infanticide or giving women a right to vote can  not bring a revolution in the world. The revolutionary action would be to change the mindset of the people, changing this male-dominated world into a place where the women are actually able to live freely without the fear of the males around her.

A few years back, women started fighting for their rights and for equality. But hardly did they knew that the equality they will be getting after their attempt would just be for the articles on a sheet of paper and hardly did they ever knew that the things would not change, not even if they died fighting for the change. Despite of all the combat, women will always be suppressed in this male-dominated world unless the mindset of the people changes.